The Ultimate Hugging Experience

Our body pillows are seriously oversized, weighty, and firm to hug! If you're a side sleeper like me who can't sleep without hugging a pillow, these are for you! - Andrew

  • Big & Plush as Standard

    With approximately 2570g of filling, The Hugger Pillow is an immense and plush item designed to provide cushiony comfort when hugged.

  • Stuffed Full of Features

    Each Hugger Pillow features a removable, washable, sweat-resistant bamboo cover and a zipper, allowing you to adjust the fill amount for personalised support and comfort.

  • We Stock Everything

    We're Aussie owned and operated. We stock everything in our Sydney warehouse; which means we manually pick, process, and pack each individual order!

Why The Hugger Pillow?

From ultimate comfort and better sleep quality to psychological benefits, find out why the Hugger Pillow is your perfect sleep companion.

  • Comfort & Security

    Feel embraced by The Hugger Pillow's gentle pressure, providing a soothing sensation that mimics being held, promoting relaxation and a sense of security for better sleep.

  • Psychological Benefits

    Cuddling The Hugger Pillow releases endorphins and oxytocin, enhancing relaxation, reducing stress, and creating a peaceful state of mind conducive to restful sleep.

  • Proper Spinal Alignment

    Maintain optimal spinal alignment from neck to hips, alleviating pressure and reducing strain, especially beneficial for side sleepers, ensuring a pain-free, good night's sleep.

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality

    Achieve deeper, uninterrupted sleep with The Hugger Pillow's support, positively impacting breathing, circulation, and overall comfort for a truly restorative sleep experience.

  • Alleviates Discomfort

    Reduce discomfort and improve blood circulation with The Hugger Pillow, preventing numbness, tingling, and pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free sleep posture.

  • Temperature Regulation

    Stay comfortably cool or warm throughout the night with The Hugger Pillow's breathable and moisture-wicking materials, ensuring an optimal sleep environment in any season.

  • Customisation

    Personalize your comfort with The Hugger Pillow by adding or removing stuffing and easily changing the cover, tailoring it to your unique preferences and needs.

  • Versatile Usage

    Enhance your comfort during various activities, including reading, watching TV, or lounging, with The Hugger Pillow providing versatile support and relaxation.

  • Post-Surgery Comfort

    Aid recovery with The Hugger Pillow's gentle support and cushioning, offering comfort and relief after surgery or medical treatments.

  • Improved Breathing

    Maintain open airways and reduce snoring by keeping your neck and spine properly aligned with The Hugger Pillow, promoting better breathing throughout the night.

  • Child-Friendly

    Provide children with a comforting sleep companion, enhancing their sense of security and improving their sleep quality with The Hugger Pillow.

  • Psychological Comfort

    Feel emotionally secure and comforted by the act of hugging The Hugger Pillow, reducing feelings of loneliness or anxiety and promoting a sense of well-being.

  • Aussie Owned & Operated

    By choosing The Hugger Pillow, you support an Australian-owned and operated business, contributing to the local economy under the Southern Cross!

  • Support for Pregnant Women

    The Hugger Pillow provides targeted support for pregnant women, helping to alleviate pressure on the back, hips, and knees, promoting a more comfortable and restful sleep.

  • Improved Sleep Quality During Pregnancy

    Designed to accommodate the changing body of a pregnant woman, The Hugger Pillow helps maintain proper alignment, reducing discomfort and enhancing sleep quality during pregnancy.

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Australian Owned & Operated


It's really important for us that you know we stock everything here in Australia! Each individual order is picked, packed, and processed by us!

Shipping & Returns

How To Fit & Remove Your Hugger Pillow Cover

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Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Andrew!

I started The Hugger Pillow because I couldn't find that perfectly balanced, oversized, and plush hugging experience to help me fall asleep. So here I am, on a journey to create the perfect body pillow for everyone!

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